Association of Polish Engineers in Canada

The first group of Polish engineers (about 20 people) landed at the port in Halifax on March 1941. These engineers organized a meeting on 15 June 1941 in Ottawa, which is considered by SIP as the first General Assembly of the Association. Between 1945 and 1947 the Association began a vigorous effort to Immigrate engineer colleagues and friends to Canada. As a result of these efforts, about 270 engineers and technicians came to Canada. This is the largest immigration since the end of the WWII wave of immigration which began after the “hot August”, in the 80s. And this time, the Association members quickly responded to the situation and organized “professional training courses for newcoming engineers and technicians” with the financial support of the Ministry of Immigration and Employment.

Our goals:

  • Create a platform for cooperation, exchanging of knowledge and ideas in the fields of trade, taking into account the cultural and social co-operation with other Polish-Canadian organizations.
  • Assisting members in search of work and occupational adaptation in the Canadian environment.
  • Expanding the technical knowledge and cultural belonging in the Polish-Canadian technical environment.
  • Maintaining and developing the tradition of Polish-Canadian engineers.
  • Supporting activities aimed at technological progress.
  • Encouraging and supporting the participation of members in economic activity, employment and social cohesion.
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