FAQ: How Much Are Big Macs In Poland?

Big Mac Index

Country 2020 y.
Philippines 2.81
Poland 2.76
Portugal 4.76
Romania 2.22


How much is a Big Mac meal in Krakow?

The price of Combo meal in fast food restaurant (Big Mac Meal or similar) in Kraków is 23 zł

How much is a Big Mac in Warsaw?

The price of Combo meal in fast food restaurant (Big Mac Meal or similar) in Warsaw is 20 zł

How much is a Big Mac in Europe?

9 The Whole Euro Area Is Making It Big! The average Big Mac in Europe will cost $4.75.

Is food in Poland expensive?

Poland has one of the cheapest food in the European Union. The only country with cheaper food in Europe is Macedonia. In the ranking covering all of Europe, food is the most expensive in Switzerland (173 per cent) and in Norway (159 per cent).

Is Poland cheap to live?

Due to Poland’s ongoing economic development process, the cost of living is significantly lower compared to other European countries. Overall, you will need around 500 USD per month (around 1,800 PLN) for your accommodation, food and transport expenses. The cost of living varies depending on the city.

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What country has the most expensive Big Mac?

Big Mac index worldwide 2021 At 7.04 U.S. dollars, Switzerland has the most expensive Big Macs in the world, according to the July 2021 Big Mac index.

How much is a cup of coffee in Poland?

A cup of coffee can cost anything between 1.50pln (vending machines in office buildings ) to > 20pln ( kopi luwak in a coffee shop). A bottle of beer can cost anything between 0.99pln (no-name brand i na supermarket) to 20pln (some niche beer in a fashionable pub).

Is it cheap to eat out in Poland?

While meal prices in Poland can vary, the average cost of food in Poland is zł52 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Poland should cost around zł21 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

What is Poland famous for in food?

Pierogi is undoubtedly Poland’s most famous and simple comfort food. But after tasting one of these delicious filled dumplings, you’re likely to find yourself craving more. Perogis can be cooked or fried; stuffed with meat, vegetables, cheese, fruit, chocolate; accompanied by a sour cream topping or just butter.

Why is Big Mac so expensive?

As Juan Martinez, founder and principal of the consultant firm Profitality, told Restaurant Business, a higher minimum wage “has to be covered,” and it can’t be done “completely internally,” hence, higher prices for menu staples such as the Big Mac.

Where is the cheapest Big Mac?

The world’s cheapest Big Mac can be purchased in Lebanon, according to The Economist’s “The Big Mac index.” The index aims to highlight the purchasing power of currencies in different countries through comparison of the cost of an identical product – McDonald’s Big Mac burger.

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