From Which Country Did Czechoslovakia Poland And Yugoslavia Gain Independence?

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1) From which country did Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Yugoslavia gain independence Austria/Hungary
7) What major central powers lost the most troops Germany
8) What country was most similar to Russia in the number of battlefield deaths Germany


How did the United Kingdom change after World War I?

British society was changed by its wartime experiences in other ways, too. State intervention was extended into areas such as rent control (1915), conscription (1916), price control (1917), rationing (1918) and even alcohol dilution.

What country became independent from Britain after WW1?

Britain seized Iraq from Ottoman Turkey during World War I and was granted a mandate by the League of Nations to govern the nation in 1920. A Hashemite monarchy was organized under British protection in 1921, and on October 3, 1932, the kingdom of Iraq was granted independence.

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What countries gained territory after WW1?

By the terms of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Russia recognized the independence of Ukraine, Georgia and Finland; gave up Poland and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to Germany and Austria-Hungary; and ceded Kars, Ardahan and Batum to Turkey.

Which countries made up Europe’s great powers?

Which countries made up Europe’s Great Powers? The great power countries at the start of WW1 were Russia, England Austria-Hungary, France, and Germany.

What did America gain from ww1?

In addition, the conflict heralded the rise of conscription, mass propaganda, the national security state and the FBI. It accelerated income tax and urbanisation and helped make America the pre-eminent economic and military power in the world.

Who won World war 1?

The Allies won World War I after four years of combat and the deaths of some 8.5 million soldiers as a result of battle wounds or disease. Read more about the Treaty of Versailles.

How many countries gained independence from UK?

Since then a total of 62 countries have gained independence from the United Kingdom. This is followed by France with 28, Spain with 17, The Soviet Union with 16, Portugal with 7 and the USA with 5.

When did UK gain independence?

However, the prime minister did not favour the change and it was not made. Despite increasing political independence from each other from 1922, and complete political independence since 1949, the union left the two countries intertwined with each other in many respects.

When did Australia gain independence?

Prior to World War I, Poland was a memory, and its territory was divided among the empires of Germany, Russia and Austro-Hungary; these powers along with France and Great Britain were wrestling for dominance of the continent, as illustrated in this serio-comic map.

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What three nations gave up territory to create the new nation of Poland?

Russia and Austria-Hungary gave up additional territory to Poland and Romania.

Which prewar countries gained territory from the Treaty?

Which prewar countries gained territory from the treaty? Romania, Greece, Italy, and France.

What country left the Triple Alliance?

In 1914, the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente (France, Russia and the United Kingdom) started World War I. In 1915, Italy left the alliance and fought against Austria-Hungary and Germany from 1916.

What was Europe’s top three powers?

The Europe of 1871 was a continent of five great powers divided into two categories. The first grouping were the three most powerful states— Great Britain, Germany, and France. The second grouping were lesser in rank, but remained significant for the period—Austria-Hungary and Russia.

Which of the non European countries involved in the war had the greatest impact on the war effort?

Which of the non-European countries had the greatest impact on the war effort explain? I believed America had the greatest impact of the war effort because they sent lots of troops to help in the war on the side of the Allies in the second battle of the Marne.

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