How Did Events In France Influence The Last Two Partitions Of Poland Answer?

The events in France influenced the last two partitions of Poland by fear of the central and east European powers that the principles of the French Revolution were establish themselves in Poland. Women did not benefit from the revolution but the peasants benefited from it because now they could a say in the government.

What two events influenced the French Revolution?

The French Revolution was a major event in modern European history. The causes of the French Revolution were many: the monarchy’s severe debt problems, high taxes, poor harvests, and the influence of new political ideas and the American Revolution, to mention only a few.

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What was the impact of the French Revolution on France?

The Revolution led to the establishment of a democratic government for the first time in Europe. Feudalism as an institution was buried by the Revolution, and the Church and the clergy were brought under State control. It led to the eventual rise of Napoleon Bonaparte as the Emperor of France.

What were the benefits and drawbacks for France of fighting an external war in the midst of a domestic political revolution?

The benefits of fighting an external war in the midst of a domestic political revolution is that they finally got sympathy from the people. The drawbacks are that France would lose a lot of money and go into debt and they would lose more soldiers to fight off the revolutionaries.

What were the causes of the terror How did the rest of Europe react to the French Revolution and the Terror?

The Terror was caused by fear. The French understood that the new social order put the Revolution in danger and doubt in Europe. Politicians silenced the people through terror. European countries increased border control, Enlightened rulers turned against France and the Legislative Assembly declared war on states.

How did the French Revolution end?

The French Revolution lasted 10 years from 1789 to 1799. It began on July 14, 1789 when revolutionaries stormed a prison called the Bastille. The revolution came to an end 1799 when a general named Napoleon overthrew the revolutionary government and established the French Consulate (with Napoleon as leader).

What events started the French Revolution?

The Bastille and the Great Fear A popular insurgency culminated on July 14 when rioters stormed the Bastille fortress in an attempt to secure gunpowder and weapons; many consider this event, now commemorated in France as a national holiday, as the start of the French Revolution.

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What were the three impact of the French Revolution?

The impacts: (i) Feudalism of France was thrown away by the people. (ii) Privileges of church, nobles were abolished. (iii)Monarchy was abolished and Republic was established in France.

What changes were introduced after the French Revolution in France?

A centralised administrative system was put in place and it formulated uniform laws for all citizens within its territory. Internal custom duties and dues were abolished and a uniform system of weights and measures was adopted. Equality and liberty were realised by the French people. Censorship was abolished.

What was the impact of the events of French Revolution on other parts of Europe?

When this news of events in French reached the different cities of Europe, students and other members of educated middle classes began setting up Jacobin clubs. Their activities and campaigns prepared the way for the French armies which moved into Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy in 1790s.

How did the French Revolution change warfare?

The French Revolution had set this change in motion. To defend the country and export its radical values, republican governments needed large armies. They established conscription for the first time in modern European history. Napoleon developed these conscription laws and used the troops they provided.

Was the French Revolution successful?

The French revolution succeeded in obtaining great power for the lower class, creating a constitution, limiting the power of the monarchy, giving the Third Estate great control over the populace of France and gaining rights and power for the lower class of France.

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Which war resulted in the downfall of the Second French Republic?

Franco-German War, also called Franco-Prussian War, (July 19, 1870–May 10, 1871), war in which a coalition of German states led by Prussia defeated France.

What event happened at the end of the Reign of Terror?

In July 1794 Robespierre was arrested and executed as were many of his fellow Jacobins, thereby ending the Reign of Terror, which was succeeded by the Thermidorian Reaction.

How did the French Revolution impact France and the rest of Europe?

The French Revolution had a major impact on Europe and the New World. The displacement of these Frenchmen led to a spread of French culture, policies regulating immigration, and a safe haven for Royalists and other counterrevolutionaries to outlast the violence of the French Revolution.

What impact did the French Revolution have on the rest of Europe quizlet?

What impact did the French Revolution have on the rest of Europe? Other European countries declared war on France. rising debt and poverty. What was a positive result of the Reign of Terror?

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