Question: What Cultural Region Is Poland In?

Poland is located in Central Europe.

What region is Poland considered?

Poland, country of central Europe.

What culture is in Poland?

Over time Polish culture has been profoundly influenced by its interweaving ties with the Germanic, Baltic, Latinate and to a lesser extent; Byzantine and Ottoman cultures as well as in continual dialog with the many other ethnic groups and minorities living in Poland.

Where is the Polish culture located?

General Cultural Information: Poland is located in Central Europe, covering 120,700 square miles. Its bordered by the Baltic Sea, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic; and Germany. The culture is composed of Latin and Byzantine influences. It is a homogenized culture of the eastern and western world.

How many regions are in Poland?

Poland is currently divided into 16 provinces known as voivodeships (Polish: województwa, singular województwo).

Is Poland Central or Eastern?

The most common and accepted geographical division of Europe places Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Switzerland in Central Europe and Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia in Eastern Europe.

Is Poland East or West?

Eastern Europe is as the name says, the eastern part of Europe, countries within Eastern Europe are according to the United Nations Statistics Division, Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the Ukraine and the most western part of the Russian Federation, (see: European

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How many cultures are there in Poland?

It means dwellers or people of the field, meadow, or plain. There are five Polish regional cultural traditions with associated dialects. Poles residing abroad could be considered as a sixth group. Regional cultural differences, identification, and dialects are becoming increasingly less noticeable and less important.

What do Polish teenagers like?

Polish teenagers enjoy many of the same things as American teenagers. They go to films, go dancing, hang out, and play sports. They dress similarly to American teens in jeans and sweatshirts.

What is the most practiced religion in Poland?

The most practiced religion was Roman Catholicism, whose followers comprised the 92.8% of the population, followed by the Eastern Orthodox with 0.7% (rising from 0.4% in 2011, caused in part by recent immigration from Ukraine), Jehovah’s Witnesses with 0.3%, and various Protestant denominations comprising 0.2% of the

What continent is Poland?


Where is Poland for kids?

It is located in the east-central portion of Europe. The country is bordered on the east by Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine. On the west lies Germany, and on the south are the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Poland is bordered on the north by the Baltic Sea.

What provinces are in Poland?


  • Greater Poland (Wielkopolskie)
  • Kuyavian-Pomeranian (Kujawsko-pomorskie)
  • Lesser Poland (Malopolskie)
  • Lodz (Lodzkie)
  • Lower Silesian (Dolnoslaskie)
  • Lublin (Lubelskie)
  • Lubusz (Lubuskie)
  • Masovian (Mazowieckie)

Which region is Warsaw in Poland?

Warsaw, Polish Warszawa, city, capital of Poland. Located in the east-central part of the country, Warsaw is also the capital of Mazowieckie województwo (province).

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