Quick Answer: How Much Snow Does Poland Average?

Poland averages 87 inches of snow per year.

How much does it snow in Poland?

The snowy period of the year lasts for 3.8 months, from November 19 to March 12, with a sliding 31-day snowfall of at least 1.0 inches. The month with the most snow in Warsaw is February, with an average snowfall of 1.9 inches. The snowless period of the year lasts for 8.2 months, from March 12 to November 19.

Is snow common in Poland?

Lublin Winter, from December to February, is cold throughout the country. In Warsaw, the capital, located near the center of the country, the average in January is -2 °C (29 °F). The ground is often covered with snow from December to mid-March, although snowfall is generally not abundant.

How often does Poland snow?

Winters can be really cold, with the chance of snow from November till March. From year to year you never know when the snow will fall and how long it will lie, except in the mountains where it usually covers the slopes all winter, so skiing conditions are generally good, especially December to February.

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How cold are winters in Poland?

The weather during the winter in Poland differs. Usually, the temperature is around freezing or a few degrees below, but it happens that the temperature drops below -20 °C (-4 °F). Recent years have seen an increase in average winter temperatures compared to previous years.

What is Poland winter like?

cold, grey and wet. The one thing you be sure of is: Polish winters are quite unpredictable. The coldest months are January and February with temperatures around -3.0 °C (on average), but the weather might change from mild days with over 5 °C and and days where temperatures may drop to −20 °C (−4 °F).

Where snows the most in Europe?

Warth-Schröcken, Austria Warth and Schröcken share the snowiest ski area in Europe, with a seasonal average of 10.5m. Other nearby villages are also super-snowy, such as Damüls, which gets over 9m a season and markets itself as the “snowiest village in the world”.

Is Poland colder than England?

The further you are from the Atlantic Ocean, the less significant is the influence of Gulf Stream. That’s why the UK is warmer than Poland. Also this is the reason why north-east part of Poland (Podlaskie Voivodship) is the coldest region of the country.

Does it snow in Poland at Christmas?

Temperature in Poland in December The snow doesn’t appear in December that often, but sometimes you can notice a liitle of it on your coat:) More frequent are rains and snowy rains. If you want to spend December in Poland, you should defiintely pack your warm clothes and underwear.

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How expensive is Poland?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Poland is $1,109 for a solo traveler, $1,887 for a couple, and $1,472 for a family of 4.

Is Poland cold or hot?

Poland’s climate is temperate with warm (sometimes very hot) summers, crisp, sunny autumns and cold winters.

Is Poland a good place to live?

Poland is considered a very safe and friendly country to study and live. According to the statistics, it is one of the safest countries in the European Union. Polish citizens are very well known for their hospitality. Poland is a great place to live – you should come and see with your own eyes!

How cold is Poland in January?

January is a cold month with a very chilly average temperature of -3°C (about 28°F), dropping from the average temperature of -1°C in December. The average high reaches just to freezing, at about 0°C (around 32°F). The lows drop to a bone-chilling -5°C (about 23°F).

What is the coldest city in Poland?

The warmest area of the country is the Silesian Lowland in south-western Poland, while the coldest place is the town of Suwałki in the north-eastern part of the country.

Does Poland have 4 seasons?

Generally there are four seasons in Poland – spring, summer, autumn and winter, although some people distinguish two additional seasons, described as early spring and early winter. The summertime can be really hot, with temperatures around 20-25. it begins in late May / June and lasts until the end of August.

How do people survive winter in Poland?

Winter is coming – 7 tips on how to survive wintertime in Poland!

  1. Be prepared, act surprised.
  2. Stock up your freezer.
  3. Save the dates.
  4. Leave earlier than usual.
  5. Go clothes shopping.
  6. Check out your medical insurance.
  7. Book a skiing trip.

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