Quick Answer: What Do I Need To Use My Smartphone In Poland?

Poland uses the GSM 900/1800 system, the same as Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It’s not compatible with most cell phones from North America or Japan (though many mobiles have multiband GSM 1900/900 phones that will work in Poland).

Can I use my mobile data in Poland?

Poland is a Go Roam in Europe destination which means you can use your data here at no extra cost. If you have an Add-on with a data allowance of 12GB or greater, a fair use limit applies, with use over 12GB subject to a small surcharge (see below). Our fair use policies apply in Go Roam destinations.

How can I use my phone in Europe without being charged?

Even if you decide to get a local SIM card, these tips will help you out by saving data abroad.

  1. Turn off roaming. This stops cellular data use so you won’t be paying extra for a plan you don’t have.
  2. Stop apps from sucking your data in the background.
  3. Turn off automatic downloads.
  4. Track cellular usage.
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What cell service works in Poland?

Companies. Poland offers several choices when it comes to buying a SIM card, with four main cell networks to choose from: Orange, Play, Plus, and T-Mobile.

How can I use my cell phone internationally?

Here are your easiest options.

  1. Put your phone in airplane mode. Only use it (besides features such as the camera) when you can connect to Wi-Fi.
  2. Get an international plan. Every phone carrier offers its customers international plans, which vary.
  3. Buy a prepaid SIM card.

Which SIM card is best in Poland?

BEST PREPAID SIM CARD IN POLAND Play is the largest phone operator and with the best data packages you will find and Telekom Poland with the best coverage in the country. All the packages will be working in the rest of Europe for data and calls but with much less data than in Poland.

Which mobile operator is best in Poland?

For average data download speed, Orange proved to be the best 4G-LTE mobile operator in Poland in 2020. The network boasted an average download speed of 28.88 Mb/s. Orange was also the download speed leader for 3G internet.

Which SIM card is best for Europe travel?

The Best European SIM Cards for Travelers in 2021

  1. Eurolink Prepaid Regional eSIM. Planning a European getaway for a month or traveling for work?
  2. Discover Global eSIM.
  3. Mamma Mia Prepaid eSIM for Italy.
  4. Bonbon Mobile Prepaid eSIM for France.
  5. Guay Mobile Prepaid eSIM for Spain.

How much does it cost to use my phone in Europe?

On average, you should expect to pay about $10 per day for basic coverage in Europe through American phone carriers. That’s a high price if you’re away for a week and you only make one phone call per day.

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Can I use my phone on WiFi in Europe?

Getting Online in Europe. With any laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can get online via a Wi-Fi signal, which is usually free. If you have a mobile phone (smartphone or basic) or a cellular-enabled computer, you can get online over a cellular network, but you’ll usually have to pay for it.

Will my AT&T phone work in Poland?

Yes, in order to use your phone outside of the United States, roaming will need to be enabled.

Will my iPhone work in Poland?

If you only want to use Wi-Fi, you need do nothing; your iPhone and iPad will work on Wi-Fi in Poland the same as anywhere else.

How do I activate my Orange SIM in Poland?

How do I activate my SIM card? The SIM Card is pre-activated, you just have to insert the SIM Card into your device and it will work right away, provided that your device is unlocked.

Will my SIM card work in another country?

A SIM, or subscriber identity module, is a removable chip roughly the size of a microSD card. It lets your current phone work in another country as if you bought the phone there: local number, cheap and fast data, and so on. Either way, they’re usually good for a month and include more data than you’ll probably use.

Which SIM can be used worldwide?

The Matrix Global Prepaid SIM card works in over 150 countries and saves you from the hassle of carrying multiple SIM cards for each country you are travelling to. In addition you enjoy free calls and data with low cost plans and unmatched connectivity.

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How do I use my SIM card in another country?

7 Tips for SIM Card Use Abroad (How to Avoid Roaming Charges)

  1. Start with an unlocked phone for swapping SIM cards/Phone carriers.
  2. Consider the benefits of getting a local SIM card at your destination.
  3. Think about your length of stay, travel style, and access to WiFi.
  4. Buy a SIM card and prepaid plan at your destination.

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