How to choose the perfect pair of opaque tights for winter?

When the winter season arrives, it brings with it festive cheer, snow-covered landscapes, and a chilly air that can make us curl up under warm blankets. But it’s not always possible to stay indoors and avoid the cold. That’s when the need for cosy winter wear becomes essential. One such wardrobe staple that helps keep you warm, while also enhancing your style quotient, are opaque tights. They are an enduring, versatile piece of clothing that can be blended with any outfit. So, how do you choose the perfect pair of opaque tights for winter? This comprehensive guide will help you make the right selection, keeping essential factors such as denier, fabric, and style in mind.

Understanding the Denier

The term ‘denier’ refers to the thickness of the tights. It’s a unit of measurement that will give you a clear idea about the opacity and warmth of the tights.

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Tights come in various denier numbers. A lower denier number, usually less than 30, indicates that the tights are sheer and thin. They are perfect for the summer season, but they won’t provide the necessary warmth in winter. On the other hand, a higher denier number, above 40, signifies that the tights are opaque and thick, making them ideal for the colder months.

Some of the best opaque tights for winter have a denier count ranging from 80 to 100. These are thick enough to keep your legs warm, but also thin enough to ensure they aren’t too bulky.

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Fleece-Lined Tights for Extra Warmth

When it comes to winter tights, the fabric plays a significant role. One of the most popular choices for winter is fleece-lined tights.

These tights are not just high in denier, but they also have a soft, comfortable fleece lining on the inside. This lining adds an extra layer of warmth, ensuring your legs stay toasty even in freezing temperatures.

Fleece-lined tights also come in various styles and colours. But the classic black pair of tights is a wardrobe staple, as it can be paired with virtually any outfit. It’s the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Amazon offers a range of high-quality fleece-lined tights that have been praised by testers for their warmth and comfort.

Opting for the Right Style

While comfort and warmth are crucial, the style of the tights shouldn’t be ignored. After all, you’ll be wearing these tights outdoors, and they need to complement your winter outfits.

There are plenty of style options available when it comes to opaque tights. From ribbed and patterned to glossy and matte, you can choose a style that suits your fashion sense.

If you’re looking for something versatile, a plain black pair of opaque tights is a safe bet. It’s chic, stylish, and can match almost any outfit. For those who love experimenting with their style, patterned tights can add an element of fun and quirkiness to your winter ensemble.

Leggings Vs Tights

Leggings and tights may seem similar, but they are, in fact, different. Understanding the difference will help you make a more informed decision.

Tights are usually sheerer and lighter than leggings. They are designed to be worn under skirts or dresses, not as a standalone piece of clothing. On the other hand, leggings are thicker and can be worn as trousers.

When it comes to winter wear, both can be a good choice depending on your outfit and occasion. If you plan to wear a dress or a skirt, a pair of opaque tights will keep you warm without compromising on style. If you’re leaning towards a more casual look, a pair of fleece-lined leggings can offer both comfort and warmth.

Ensuring a High-Quality Pair

The last thing you want is a pair of tights that are uncomfortable, itchy, or quickly wear out. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you’re choosing a high-quality pair.

Firstly, always check the fabric. Ensure it’s soft, breathable, and durable. You can consult reviews and ratings on platforms like Amazon to get an idea of the product’s quality.

Secondly, check the waistband and gusset of the tights. They should be sturdy and well-sewn, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Thirdly, check the opacity of the tights. The tights should be opaque enough to provide warmth but not so thick that they restrict movement.

In essence, the perfect pair of opaque tights for winter will keep you warm, complement your style, and last you through the season. So, take your time, consider your options, and you’ll end up with a pair of tights that you’ll love to wear all winter long.

How to Wear Your Opaque Tights

Wearing your new pair of opaque tights is just as important as choosing the right pair. Pairing them correctly with your winter outfits can enhance your style and keep you comfortable.

Pairing your opaque tights with the right footwear is crucial. For a casual look, team your black tights with ankle boots, which is a classic winter combination. On colder days, you can opt for knee-high boots that provide extra warmth.

As for outfits, opaque tights look great with winter dresses and skirts. A black pair of tights can blend seamlessly with any dress or skirt, regardless of its color or pattern. If you’re wearing a monochrome outfit, consider using patterned or colored tights for a pop of color.

Another fantastic way to wear your opaque tights is with oversized sweaters. The contrast between the slimming effect of the tights and the bulkiness of the sweater creates a cozy and chic look. You can complete the look with a pair of ankle boots for a stylish winter outfit.

Remember, it’s essential to care for your tights properly to maintain their quality and longevity. Hand washing is the best method as it is gentle on the fabric. Avoid ironing the tights as it can damage the fiber. Follow these tips, and your opaque tights will serve you well throughout the winter.


Choosing the perfect pair of opaque tights for winter is not as complicated as you might think. Paying attention to the denier, fabric, style, and quality are the key factors to consider when making your selection. Fleece lined tights with a high denier count are ideal for providing warmth in cold weather. Remember, your tights should not only keep you warm but also complement your fashion sense.

Pairing your tights with the right footwear and outfits can elevate your style. A versatile pair of black tights can work with almost any outfit. Always take good care of your tights to ensure they last throughout the winter season.

From casual outings to formal events, opaque tights offer a stylish and functional solution to staying warm in winter. So, make sure to include them in your winter wardrobe. Whether you prefer plain black, patterned, or colored tights, there’s a perfect pair of winter tights out there for everyone. Armed with the knowledge from this guide, you’re now ready to find yours!

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