Do GPT chat and marketing go well together?

Nowadays, technology and AI have spread across almost every industry. In 2022, a company specializing in artificial intelligence research and development named OpenAI developed a solution known as Chat GPT. This tool has the ability to radically transform every industry, including the marketing and advertising industry. Discover its usefulness in marketing.

What is the definition of Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence software that uses its intelligence to understand and generate a response imitating human language. The program uses a network that operates from a database that artificial intelligence can analyze and use to generate a response. When an individual interacts with Chat GPT, the AI analyzes the message and produces a response based on the information it has.

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According to, the technology takes context, syntax and connections between words into consideration, allowing it to generate responses similar to human speech and writing.

5 ways to use Chat GPT in your marketing plan

The use of AI in marketing is not new, and this applies even to small businesses. If you've ever used Google Ads to run a dynamic search campaign, asked questions through Google Analytics Intelligence, or generated AI content to create marketing copy, you already know how it works.

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Produce content for your marketing materials

Chat GPT is a tool that can assist you in creating copy for various marketing materials such as emails, blog posts, product descriptions, headlines, website copy, social media captions, etc.

You can ask him to:

Produce content

Edit existing content

Improve existing content by focusing on a specific objective.

Of course, avoid copying the content in full. You can ask for a first version, which you can use as a starting point for your work.

Get advice on marketing tools

You also have the option to use Chat GPT to receive tool suggestions. There are numerous rankings for almost every tool available online.

Discover new content ideas

You can also use Chat GPT to find inspiration for your blog articles, guides or ebooks. You have the possibility to request its article suggestions based on already existing subjects or content, to use it to conduct research on a specific subject, to group together the most relevant articles on a given subject.

Learn formulas and shortcuts

Although you shouldn't let Chat GPT handle your reporting and analysis, it will be able to assist you by teaching you shortcuts to make data processing and analysis easier. For example, it is possible to ask it for spreadsheet formulas, regular expressions, etc.

Conduct customer surveys

You certainly know that your target audience is constantly evolving. Although you need to do extensive research to identify your target, you can use Chat GPT to make it easier to create a survey or poll. This method will allow you to better understand your audience and your customers, while collecting their opinions.

As you have understood, Chat GPT offers many possibilities for marketers. It allows you to improve the e-reputation of your company and makes it easier for you to carry out different tasks. However, it is important to take into consideration the limits of artificial intelligence in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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