The Canadian-Polish Congress

Mississauga District


Polish Scouting Association

Scout Wigry – Michal Paz

Scout Wieliczka- Beata Lis

The Friends of Scouting – Chairwoman Iza Woźniak

The beginning of the Polish Scouting Association in Canada dates back to 1939. In the years 1948 – 1951, the first legions, groups and teams were established in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. In September 1952 a female Scouts Headquarters was established and in August 1953 Command male Scouts Headquarters were established. Scout Organizations in Mississauga were built in the 80’s. Girl Scouts make the ‘Wieliczka’ portion, while Male Scouts make the ‘Wigry’ portions. The Friends of Scouting organization is an integral part of the Polish Scouting Association that aims to promote Scouting as well as help with collecting funds.