The Canadian-Polish Congress

Mississauga District

Polish Scouts

The start of Polish Scouting in Canada dates back to 1939. Scout Organizations in Mississauga were built in the 80’s. Girl Scouts make the ‘Wieliczka’ cammp, while Male Scouts make the ‘Wigry’ camp. There are around 300 children, youth and adults part of Scouts. Children can join from as early as 4 years of age. From 6-9 years of age they are called “Zuchy,” from 10-15 years of age “Harcerze” (Scouts) and 16+ they are called “Wędrowniczki” (females) and Wędrownicy (males). Scouts are present at all important ceremonies in Mississauga, which you can tell by looking at a photo gallery on our website under the heading ACTIVITIES.

There are more obligations than just showing up at events, as Scouts are a vital part to Polish culture and participate in traditional marches.