Often asked: What To Wear To A Polish Wedding In Poland?

The Polish wedding dress should contain at least one blue and white element. The white symbolizes purity, while the blue bodes marital fidelity. The bride must also have something borrowed from the groom’s family. Something old from the relatives and something new as a symbol of plenty in their marriage.

What do guests wear at a Polish wedding?

The dress code: Weddings in Poland are a big deal and dressing up is a must. While guys wear suit and tie, it is appropriate for girls to wear a nice cocktail dress and high heels. Choosing the right shoes is important though, as there is a lot of dancing.

What food is served at a Polish wedding?

Polish-American wedding food is slightly different from what you’d find in Poland and even from state to state, and family to family in America, but the basics are the same—good hearty soup, braised meats, sausages, sauerkraut, salads, breads and desserts galore.

Who pays for wedding in Poland?

In Poland the bride is picked up from her parents house by the groom and his family according to old tradition. But before the groom gets his bride, he first has to “buy her off”. Two relatives of the bride are waiting in front of the parents’ house, and the groom has to “pay” them.

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What is the day after a Polish wedding called?

Next day after reception party, there is a follow-up party the day after the wedding (poprawiny). This is held at the home of one of the newlyweds’ parents, especially when there is quite a bit of food and drink left over from the previous day’s festivities.

What are some Polish traditions?

7 unique Polish traditions you won’t find anywhere else in the

  • The drowning of Marzanna.
  • Leaving an empty chair on Christmas eve.
  • Kanapki, the open sandwich.
  • Poprawiny, a second wedding party.
  • Śmigus Dyngus, Wet Monday.
  • Sto Lat, a birthday blessing.
  • Tłusty Czwartek, Fat Thursday.
  • Zaduszki, All Souls Day.

How do you survive a Polish wedding?

Top 6 Tips to Survive a Polish Wedding

  1. Learn some Polish.
  2. Eat as much as you can!
  3. Learn how to really drink vodka.
  4. Dance with as many people as you can.
  5. Be aware of the “after-party”!
  6. Get a decent sleep the night before.

What are Polish weddings like?

The traditional Polish wedding is no longer what it used to be. For centuries, a wedding in Poland was a two or three-day affair that included many unique traditions, several hundred guests and a long party fueled by music, vodka, abundant food and dancing into the morning.

What vodka is from Poland?

Wyborowa Klasyczna Award-winning Wyborowa is a contender for most popular Polish vodka in the world. It finds itself as a top pick for weddings in Poland. The flagship bottle is produced from Polish rye. Flavor-wise, Wyborowa is not the mildest of vodkas in the market, but fortunately it’s well balanced.

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What are some popular Polish foods?

From pierogi to bigos, here are 15 essential dishes to try in Poland.

  • Zurek. This fermented soup made with sour rye flour is the definitive Polish comfort food.
  • Bigos. A much-loved Polish stew made from sauerkraut, meat and a variety of vegetables.
  • Pierogi.
  • Kotlet schabowy.
  • Kaszanka.
  • Racuchy.
  • Placki ziemniaczane.
  • St.

Are Polish weddings long?

Polish people love celebrations! The more reason why they celebrate weddings for 3-4 days. These four days are all about food, Polish wedding dances, mysterious oczepiny ceremony, drinking and playing games.

Can foreigners get married in Poland?

– Foreigners additionally submit a certificate from the country of origin confirming the possibility of getting married, together with a sworn translation of the document into Polish (this document certifies that a person, in accordance with the law of their country of origin, may get married in Poland.

How much does a wedding cost in Poland?

The Polish wedding market is worth more than PLN 7 bn (~EUR 1.65 bn) annually, with typical weddings costing about PLN 50,000 (~EUR 11,750), far below the western average, experts claim. “About 75 percent of weddings cost below PLN 50,000, 22 percent between PLN 50,000 and PLN 150,000 (~EUR 35,200).

How do you say cheers in Polish?

– Na Zdrowie! (Nah zdrov-e-yay) Without doubt the most common toast, it’s essentially the Polish version of “Cheers!”.

What is the most popular drink in Poland?

Krupnik. Dubbed as the favorite drink in Poland, krupnik is based on a neutral spirit, typically vodka of fruit brandy, which is enriched with honey.

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What is a Polish dance called?

The Polish national dances are the Krakowiak, Kujawiak, Mazurek, Oberek, and Polonaise. These dances are classified as National, because almost every region in Poland has displayed a variety of these dances.

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