Often asked: When Is The Greek Name Day For Alexandra Poland?

Alexandra (Greek: Ἀλεξάνδρα) is the feminine form of the given name Alexander (Greek: Ἀλέξανδρος, Aléxandros).


Name day April 21
Meaning “Defender, protector of mankind”
Other names


How do I find my Greek name day?

If you are named after one, or if your name has the same meaning or derives from the name of one, their feast day is your name day. So if your name is John, for example, your official name day is January 7, the feast day of Aghios Ioannis (Saint John).

Does Alexander have a name day?

Saint Alexander’s name day is celebrated on August 30th.

Why are Aleksandra called Ola in Poland?

Ola (Arabic: علا‎) is an Arabic feminine given name that means “surmount”, “high”, and “arise”. It is also a feminine given name and a nickname for Aleksandra in Polish.

Is Alexandra a rare name?

Alexandra Origin and Meaning Alexandra fell out of the Top 100 for the first time since 1983 in 2015 but is still a popular choice.

What is name day in Poland?

Name day celebrations involve the gathering and socialising of friends and family at the celebrant’s home, as well as the giving of gifts and flowers at home and elsewhere, such as at the workplace. This tradition doesn’t include regions of Upper Silesia and Kashubia.

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What are Greek name days?

Name days are the days where a saint, martyr, or otherwise holy person is commemorated by the Greek Orthodox Church. Otherwise known abroad as “feast days”, these anniversaries usually are of the saint’s or martyr’s death due to refusing to denounce their faith at the hands of prosecutors of Christendom in the past.

Is Nicholas a Greek name?

Origins. The name is derived from the Greek name Νικόλαος (Nikolaos), understood to mean ‘victory of the people ‘, being a compound of νίκη nikē ‘victory’ and λαός laos ‘people’.

What countries celebrate name days?

Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy and Russia are just a handful of countries that honor this celebration. In many cultures, there are first names associated with the days of the year.

What is a Russian name day?

Russians celebrate name days ( (imeniny) in Russian ) separately from birthdays. Some calendars note name days, but usually one must address a special name-day calendar. Celebrations range from the gifting of cards and flowers to full-blown celebrations similar to birthday parties.

How do you shorten Aleksandra?

Some of those may be slightly confusing. Ola is a short version of Aleksandra, and Aga can refer both to Agnieszka and Agata. Some more surprising diminutives would include Lolek, a diminutive for Karol which is ironically just as long as the original name.

What does the name Alexandra mean?

Alexandra (Greek: Ἀλεξάνδρα) is the feminine form of the given name Alexander (Greek: Ἀλέξανδρος, Aléxandros). The name Alexandra was one of the epithets given to the Greek goddess Hera and as such is usually taken to mean ” one who comes to save warriors”.

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Is Aleksandra a popular name?

According to Social Security Administration data, Alexandra steadily decreasing in popularity. Once holding a spot in the top 100 from 2000 to 2015, Alexandra still enjoys a spot in the top 150. However, it is the 15th most popular name on FamilyEducation.com.

Is Alexandra a pretty name?

In other words, Alexandra is a pretty Cosmopolitan Cool name. All of the boy Alexanders and all of the girl Alexandras (along with their many name variations which have developed over time) owe the endurance of their name to one single person: Alexander the Great.

Is the name Alexandra in the Bible?

Alexandra Name – Meaning & Details Though Alexandra is not a Bible name as it is, Alexandria, an Egyptian city is mentioned couple of times in the Bible.

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