Readers ask: What To Wear In Poland In Winter?

Poland in winter | an essential packing list

  • A heavyweight winter jacket.
  • Wool and cashmere scarves.
  • A wool or cashmere hat.
  • A pair of wool or cashmere gloves.
  • Wool or cashmere socks.
  • Good base layer clothing.
  • A good pair of warm walking shoes.

What should I wear in Poland?

Jeans teamed with lighter layers for the summer – try camisoles, t-shirts and light knitwear – and warmer ones for the winter e.g. long-sleeved tops and a sweater, will serve as a versatile base to your wardrobe. Add in a smarter outfit such as a smart dress or pants and shirt for more formal occasions.

What clothes to pack for Krakow in February?

What to Pack

  • A well-insulated coat.
  • Sweaters and cold-weather accessories like a heavy scarf, hat, and warm gloves.
  • Waterproof, heavy-duty boots.
  • Thick, wool socks.
  • Layers such as long-sleeve shirts and sweaters.

Do and don’ts in Poland?

6 Dos and Don’ts on Your Visit to Poland

  • Do wait for the green man.
  • Don’t talk about religion.
  • Do drink vodka.
  • Don’t imbibe in public.
  • Do watch out for the stairs.
  • Don’t take a dip in the Baltic – unless you’re brave or foolhardy.
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How cold does it get in Poland during winter?

The weather during the winter in Poland differs. Usually, the temperature is around freezing or a few degrees below, but it happens that the temperature drops below -20 °C (-4 °F). Recent years have seen an increase in average winter temperatures compared to previous years.

Can I wear shorts in Poland?

For most occasions, casual dress – T-shirts and shorts or jeans – is sufficient. One exception to this would be for visiting churches, where more modesty (trousers for guys and covered shoulders and longer skirts or trousers for women) is called for.

What clothes to wear in Krakow in January?

What Clothes To Pack For Krakow

  • You can strip back to a light t-shirt in when the temperature is high or add a couple of long-sleeved tops when things get chilly.
  • Base layer tops and thermal tights keep you warm in even the coldest weather, without taking up much luggage space.

How cold is Poland in February?

February in Krakow in the country of Poland is another cold month, albeit slightly warmer than January, with an average temperature of -2°C (about 28°F).

Is February a good time to visit Poland?

Like many countries in Europe, Poland is an excellent place to travel all around the year, depending on your choice of weather. However, the best time to visit Poland is during spring ( March-May ) and fall (September-November).

What should I wear on a night out in Krakow?

Remember that some clubs in Krakow have a nightlife dress code. You may not be able to get into a great party without proper clothing! It is better to avoid sports styles. The safe choice is casual and semi-casual styles.

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What is considered rude in Poland?

It’s considered bad manners to keep your hands in your pockets while talking to someone. Avoid resting your ankle on your other knee whilst sitting. Jaywalking, drinking in public places and smoking in non-designated areas are all generally frowned upon. Lateness is a sign of bad manners and carelessness in Poland.

What you should never do in Poland?

5 things you should never do in Poland

  • Jaywalking. In some countries (like the UK), crossing the street at any point or going through a red light when there is no traffic is perfectly acceptable.
  • Drinking in public.
  • Cash payments.
  • No-smiling policy.
  • Language practice.

Are the Polish friendly?

Although the Polish are generally considered friendly and helpful (the average score is 4.05), we are not very tolerant. Foreigners can hardly speak Polish (even though they are learning or planning to learn the language) while the local people sometimes can’t communicate well in English.

What is Poland winter like?

cold, grey and wet. The one thing you be sure of is: Polish winters are quite unpredictable. The coldest months are January and February with temperatures around -3.0 °C (on average), but the weather might change from mild days with over 5 °C and and days where temperatures may drop to −20 °C (−4 °F).

What is the coldest month in Poland?

Poland is situated in a moderate climate zone. In summer (July) – the temperature varies from 25° to 35° Celsius. The coldest months are January and February with temperatures falling a couple of degrees below zero.

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What is the coldest city in Poland?

The warmest area of the country is the Silesian Lowland in south-western Poland, while the coldest place is the town of Suwałki in the north-eastern part of the country.

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