What Is It Liketo Work In Poland?

In Poland the standard of living is much higher and, of course, it is very appealing to job seekers. Work in Poland can bring a foreigner income over $ 800 per month. And for work that does not require high qualifications! This is very popular for people from Ukraine, Bangladesh, India, and other countries.

Is Poland a nice place to work?

Poland joined the club of 25 the most developed economies in the world according to FTSE Russell and ranks 8th as the best country for female workers. The country has one of the highest rates of English as a second language in the world and there are a lot of job opportunities for multilinguals.

What are the working conditions in Poland?

Working time in Poland should not exceed 8 hours per day and an average of 40 hours per an average five-day working week. For the work performed in excess of the working-time standards employee is entitled to an allowance.

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What is the most common job in Poland?

The most popular professions in Poland №1 – Engineers

  • Index 2141 – Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers.
  • Index 214912 – Concrete Technology Engineer.
  • Index 214916 – Glass Technology Engineer.
  • Index 2151 – Electrical Engineers.
  • Index 2212 – Medical Specialists (with specialization of II degree or title of specialist)

Is it difficult to find a job in Poland?

Finding a job in Poland can be a challenge, especially for a foreigner. Not only the Polish language hinders those in search for a suitable job. Difficulties may occur just because you don’t know how to approach this issue and where to look for jobs that are foreigners-friendly.

Is it worth moving to Poland?

Poland is one of the most economically developed countries in Eastern Europe. It offers a high level of salaries, low housing prices, low taxes compared to other EU countries and a lot of people are choosing Poland for permanent residence or as the first country to “move to Europe”. These are the reasons why.

What should I avoid in Poland?

5 things you should never do in Poland

  • Jaywalking. In some countries (like the UK), crossing the street at any point or going through a red light when there is no traffic is perfectly acceptable.
  • Drinking in public.
  • Cash payments.
  • No-smiling policy.
  • Language practice.

What jobs are in demand in Poland?

TOP-10 In-Demand Jobs in Poland 2021

  • Qualified blue-collar employees.
  • Employees in the field of trade.
  • Drivers.
  • Technicians, storekeepers.
  • Engineers.
  • IT specialists.
  • Accountants, economists.
  • Human resources staff.

What is the advantage of working in Poland?

Mandatory employee benefits in Poland include pension (PPK), social insurance, and occupational medicine (OM). Supplementary employee benefits in Poland include private medical insurance, life insurance and business travel insurance. Employee perks include gym memberships and subsidizing employees education.

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Does Poland pay per hour?

The minimum gross wage per hour in Poland in 2021 amounted to 18.3 zlotych, which was an increase of nearly eight percent compared to the previous year. The average gross remuneration in Poland reached 5003.78 zloty in October 2018. The average hourly gross wage amounted to 27.79 zloty.

Why is Poland poor?

As such, poverty in Poland is relatively similar, in terms of structure, to that found in most other European countries. (2002) note that poverty in Poland is primarily caused by unemployment, insufficient aid to families with multiple children or from marginalized groups, and poor earnings in agricultural sector.

How can a foreigner get a job in Poland?

From professionals to laborers, there are jobs for everyone. However, before a foreigner can work, he needs to obtain a residency permit and work permit. It is a legal document that authorizes a foreigner to work in Poland. All that is required to obtain this permit is to submit appropriate documents.

Is English spoken in Poland?

English is fairly widely spoken in Poland with just over a third of Poles overall reported as being able to speak English to some degree. Recent stats suggest that 37% of Poles have English as a second language.

Can you get a job in Poland without knowing Polish?

While studying in Poland, you can work at the same time. This type of activity usually requires knowledge of the Polish language. However, if you don’t know it, Think Poland will help you find and enrol in a basic Polish course, which will significantly increase your chances of finding employment.

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Can I get job in Poland with English?

Since joining the EU in 2004, the demand for Polish workers to grasp the EU’s international business language is more important than ever. Teaching English as a foreign language is therefore one of the most accessible jobs for native English speakers living in Poland.

Is life good in Poland?

Living in Poland can be a great adventure, but the country does have its challenges for both foreigners and locals. Choosing to live in Poland, especially for those who don’t have Polish roots or connections and know little about the country, will likely involve a steep learning curve, but might very well be worth it.

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